Getting a good deal on last minute airline tickets can be difficult and stressful for any traveler. Usually, flying last minute can be the most expensive way to travel, which is not ideal for anyone who needs to get somewhere in a hurry. It is always better to plan and book ahead for a trip, but sometimes it is impossible to do so. Events and circumstances can arise at the most unexpected times, and it is important to know how to save money when you have to fly last minute. It is possible to get fares at a low price last minute, it may just take a little searching around.

One of the best ways to get cheap airfare last minute is to do your airfare research on a Tuesday. If an airline doesn’t have a fully booked flight, they will try to get that flight full, and will lower the prices on that particular flight to fill seats. Most major airlines release these prices on a Tuesday, when they are trying to match the prices of other airlines. This method will help you not only compare prices between airlines, but will ensure you get the cheapest price of the bunch.

Depending on your reason for last minute flights, destination can be a problem. If you need to be at a certain place due to a birth in the family, or a death in the family, you have a specific destination in mind. This does not allow for flexibility with destination, and can be expensive. Check for flights going to non-major airports. Instead of flying into the big city and paying more money, fly into a smaller airport in the surrounding area. Driving an extra half hour from the airport will be well worth saving a few hundred dollars. If the unfortunate event occurs that you are flying to a funeral, some airlines offer bereavement fares. All you need to do is call and find out if your airline does this. If they do, it could save you a bit of money.

If you are traveling for fun, try not to have an agenda. Being flexible will help you save money. If you are flexible with a departure date, and destination, or you are willing to wait on standby at the airport for an open seat, you could be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes deals come up at the last minute, and if you do not have a set schedule, you could be sitting on a plane to an awesome destination for a very low price.

Flying early in the morning or late at night can save you lots of money, whether you are traveling last minute or booking in advance. Flights early in the morning or late at night are often not fully booked because it is an unpopular time to fly, but there is an advantage besides cheaper airfare. These flights also have a high number of standby seats, so you have a better chance of grabbing a last minute flight at the airport if you arrive at those specific times.

Often times, bundling a package with flight an hotel will save you money. Many online travel agencies will offer packages that have both air and hotel stays at prices that are thousands below their normal going rate. They want to make sure that their seats and rooms are filled, and if they still are not purchased at the last minute, they will lower the prices drastically to make sure they are. If staying in a hotel is an option for you when having last minute travel plans, bundling may be the best way to go.