Finding deals on airfare may seem like an impossible task. Usually the most expensive part of traveling is the airfare, which makes most people unable to travel. Depending on the destination, a round trip ticket can cost you upwards of $1,000 dollars, and that doesn’t include any hidden fees that may come up. There is a way to get airline tickets for a reasonably low price, it just takes time. If you are willing to put in the effort to find a deal on an airline ticket, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save.

The first thing you want to do when finding a low cost airline ticket is to plan ahead. Booking tickets in advance can greatly reduce your cost overall, so make sure that you are planning ahead. When looking at dates to travel, try to avoid weekends and major holidays. Prices tend to be much higher during these times because more people travel in those times, making the demand for tickets higher. Try flying on a weekday or after a major holiday if at all possible. When looking at different websites, compare different dates of departure and return between the different websites. The difference of one day can save you hundreds, so take the time to play around with different dates.

When looking at the comparison websites, see which airlines they are prompting you to use. Some airlines so not put their information on these websites, so you cannot put them into your comparison list. Often times, most airlines offer their cheapest prices through their main website. It is worth checking out their website to look at what prices they are offering and adding that to your list. It could end up being one of your lowest costing choices.

Look at what airports your airline flies to. Most budget airlines fly to smaller, secondary airports that are not far from the major airport you would have flown to in the first place. Flying into smaller airports can cost much less, and would only require about an extra half hour drive to your destination. Also, when looking at your destination, be flexible with the route you take. Sometimes it is cheaper to have some stops in your route than flying directly to your destination. You can have a stop somewhere, and then board a budget airline and have the entire cost of your trip go down by hundreds of dollars. Look and see what routes the airlines are providing, and click the option of how many stops you are willing to make.

You can sign up for a mailing list with the airlines you are most likely to use. They will send you updates on last minute deals, or special prices that they have going on for a limited amount of time. If you receive these e-mails, you can book a flight at a much cheaper cost than someone who is unaware of the special pricing. Many e-mails and notifications can be annoying, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars.