If you are used to flying in coach class, you must have wondered as you walked through the first class compartment what it would be like to travel that way.  Though first class tickets are sometimes prohibitively expensive, you can often get upgrades that make it reasonable.  If you'd love to find out more about flying first class, here are some of the first class benefits.

Benefits Of Flying First Class:

1.) Service At The Airport.

Your first class benefits begin before you even take off.  There are often special lines at the check-in counter for first class passengers, so that you can quickly check your luggage and get a boarding pass without standing in line with a hundred other people.  Some airports have special security lines for first class, or a first class lounge area where you can enjoy a free beverage while awaiting your flight.  First class passengers also get priority boarding, and are able to get on and off the plane before most other passengers.  

2.) Greater Comfort.

On board the plane, the first class section offers far more comfort than coach.  You get wider seats and more leg room.  Some long international flights even have first class seats that fold flat for sleeping.  

3.) Food And Beverages.

First class passengers can get beverages before take off.  You get free food and beverage services, with superior food and wine selections.  On longer flights you will often find gourmet cuisine, and an assortment of premium wines.

4.) Special Services.

Other benefits of flying first class are found in the special services.   Many planes give first class passengers individual video screens, so they can choose their own film.  There is usually a laptop hookup provided now, too.  In first class, you will still find many features eliminated from coach class, such as free pillows, blankets, and newspapers. 

5.) Free Checked Luggage.

First class passengers can generally check luggage for free, which can be a significant savings over paying the normal baggage fees.  This helps to offset the additional cost of going first class.

Travel Tips For Flying First Class:

1.) Upgrade With Frequent Flier Miles.

If you have frequent flier miles, you can sometimes use these to get an upgrade to first class, so that you can experience the pleasure of going first class without paying the steep ticket prices.  For international travel, first class seats can be in high demand, so try to book your upgrade in advance.

2) Getting An Upgrade At The Airport.

If the first class compartment is not fully booked, you can sometimes arrange an upgrade when you are at the airport, by paying an upgrade fee.  Ask at the check-in counter if this is a possibility.  You can also sometimes put your name on a list for an upgrade when you are at the departure gate.

3.) Getting Bonus Miles.

When you travel first class, you will usually receive extra frequent flier miles for your trip.  This helps you add up the miles more quickly that you will need for another first class upgrade.  Once you get used to it, you may never want to go back to coach.