One thing that any farmer will tell you is that tractor tires can be very expensive. Nevertheless, your tractor tires do much more than provide a means for getting you around your farmland. They are the final interface between you and the earth you’re working. So, it’s essential that you take great care in making the right tire selection. But with the expenses involved in such a purchase, many have begun to wonder if it’s worth buying new tires over used tires.

Advantages to Buying Used Tires:

The obvious advantage to buying used tractor tires is the savings. This step can save you more than you might imagine. For example, some farmers dreading the cost of new tires consider the possibility of repairing damaged tires but experts often report that the cost of repairing a tire can end up being much more expensive than buying pre-owned tires in good condition. They point out that sometimes repair costs can even be more expensive than buying the same tire new because you can actually use your existing tires as a trade in to save you on the total cost of the replacements.

You may think that buying used tractor tires for sale is a risky choice but there is good reason why this will work. If a single tractor tire is damaged then it must be either repaired or replaced. However, the same rule that holds true for other types of vehicles will also apply to tractors. When replacing tires, the vehicle must be balanced so both tires need to be replaced even if only one is damaged. While the second tire may be in perfect condition it still needs to be replaced. So, the owner will sell the undamaged tire along with the damaged one giving you a perfectly good tire to use on your tractor. He not only saves money by replacing both at the same time, he also saves on wear and tear of his tractor as well. You save by getting two tires for your tractor without having to shell out loads of money for your investment.

What You Should Know:

Of course, money should not be your only concern when buying used tractor tires for sale. You need to know exactly what type of tire you need. Tires can vary in performance based on the soil conditions you need to work with, the type of terrain, and the tractor itself. There are a lot of factors involved from measuring the tread to considering the amount of weight they will have to carry. If you’re wondering about how best to go about choosing the right used tire for your tractor you might want to start by asking questions from your nearest tire dealership in your area. However, tire tractors are not found around every corner so you may have to consult with an expert online. Whatever the case, the more knowledge and understanding about what to expect from a tractor tire, the easier it will be to make a wise and reasonable purchase that you will be able to live with for many years.