Finding a good deal is often down to timing, and therefore, patience. The same is true if you are looking for a clearance patio furniture set. Now that summer is well and truly behind us, you may find some excellent deals on patio furniture. Do be aware, however, that you will have far less available choices than you would have you shopped in the spring. Nevertheless, what is still available will be significantly discounted, sometimes by as much as 80%.

Finding Clearance Patio Furniture Sets:

There are numerous ways to find a really good deal. One is to take a look at your local newspaper because it will usually have listings of local clearance sales. Try to check out numerous listings and not just go to the first one you come across. While it is true that your selection will be somewhat limited, that doesn’t mean that you should purchase something that is not really fit for purpose. If you find a deal for something that you would actually like, you should still look online to see if there are even better deals available on that particular piece.

One of the things you should also consider, is whether you have the facility to store your patio set. The weather has changed and is no longer suitable for outdoor furniture, which means that you may have to store it somewhere, depending on its material. You will usually find that the best clearance patio furniture sets are indeed made from materials that do not withstand wet and cold climates. Hence, unless you have an attic, basement, or shed in which you can store your new set until summer comes along again, buying it may not be the best idea.

When Is the Best Time to Find a Clearance Sale?

The end of summer, all of fall, and even the start of winter are good times to find patio furniture through clearance sales. The deals are often nothing short of amazing, particularly if you look online. However, the longer you wait, the less choices will be available to you and you do have to wonder why you would buy the things that have been left behind because nobody bought them. It is often tempting to become a bit blinkered when you see a really good price.

At the same time, manufacturers of outdoor furniture know that demand for these are highly seasonal. They also know that there are times of the year when people don’t really want to buy outdoor furniture, even if it is discounted. During winter, for instance, manufacturers will be more than happy to seriously lower the prices of their goods, because having reduced profits or even taking a loss is better than the products not being sold. After all, they need the cash flow to keep their business running. Hence, if you do have a little bit of money to spend, you may want to consider going to well-known designers towards the end of the fall season.

If you have the patience to wait for a good deal, then there are some fantastic discounts on patio furniture to be found.