What do you do if you want to find out who owns a particular federal tax ID? You conduct a tax ID reverse lookup. A federal tax number, or tax ID, is a number that is used by businesses for the purpose of completing tax related forms and documents. Unlike social security numbers, which are often heavily hidden and protected, information about tax ID numbers for businesses is usually much easier to come across. In fact, with a little searching, you should find that information about that number is available freely on the Internet.

Looking Up A Business Tax Number:

If an EIN number belongs to a large, public company, then you should be able to find the relevant information  without much difficulty. However, you may find that conducting a tax ID reverse lookup for a smaller business, such as a sole proprietorship, is far more complicated. Indeed, you might need to be willing to engage in a little more digging if you want to collect the right information that you need.

To get started, you can simply enter the number that you’re interested in learning more about on a reverse EIN website. There are plenty of solutions for this on the Security and Exchange Commission’s website, so simply head there and look for “EIN” in the available search box. Click on the EDGAR database when it is offered, and the enter the EIN number that you have into the search database. If the business you’re looking for is registered within the database, then the company information will simply be displayed for you with no charge whatsoever.

Tax ID Reverse Lookup Solutions:

While searching for a Tax ID can be quite easy when it comes to publicly owned companies, it can be more complex for private or smaller organizations. If you have trouble using the EDGAR database, you may benefit from using the FEIN search option instead. Alternatively, you could always attempt to track down information about a company that has been established for some time at your local library. Your librarian may be able to assist you when it comes to accessing fee-based databases, such as the Lexis Nexis or ReferenceUSA. If your library has access to these solutions, it may allow you to use it to search out the EIN number of a business for free.

One other option is to simply contact the Internal Revenue Service. With a call to the IRS, you can ask for the name of the company that owns a specific EIN. However, keep in mind that if you choose this route you should have a good reason to want to find out information about the company in question. The IRS agent whom you will speak to will ask for your reason when it comes to making a request about an EIN number, and you may also be asked to divulge some information about your identity so that the agent in question can make a decision about whether or not your reason for requesting the information is legitimate.