Snow tires are a must in the winter, as they provide a variety of benefits that all-season tires simply can’t provide. One being, safety. When the winter air begins to nip at your nose you know the time is coming for your spring and summer tires to be swapped out for winter ones. Even if you’re rolling with all seasons, if you live in a snowy or icy area it’s important to get the appropriate wheels for your vehicle type and weather to avoid accidents and stay safe during the winter season. Most people know that snow tires are a must at this time of the year, but not everybody knows why. There are a large variety of benefits that these tires offer to you and your vehicle, especially if you put them on just as they’re needed and rotate them as necessary.

Better Grip And Traction In Snow:

All-season tires are great in the rain, but what you need when it comes time for snow and ice to hit the road is something with the right level of grip to get you home safely. When the weather gets colder, those spring and summer tires that were gripping so nicely in the heat aren’t going to give you the traction necessary to pull yourself through the slush, and this can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, and could even lead to an accident. Winter tires are designed to provide this control in ice, freezing rain, snow, hail, and slush. Think about the way that you would wear a running sneaker on a dry warm sidewalk, but how that same sneaker would send you sprawling if you tried to run across a frozen street in them. Your tires work much the same way, and what your car needs in the snow is a strong winter boot; this is where your winter tires come in.

Designed To Drive:

Snow tires have a completely different tread pattern than the spring and summer tires that you use throughout the rest of the year. Wider grooves increase traction, while a V shape pushes water and slush away from the tires. Small slits in the tires also keep your tires firmly in place even when slipping and sliding over ice. Of course, there’s no guarantee that your vehicle will drive safely across ice and snow at all times, but it has been proven that a good winter tire can be up to 50% more safe during these weather conditions than any other tire available.

Saving Time And Money:

Perhaps one of the biggest perks, outside of safety, when it comes to snow tires are their ability to save you time and money. Many people who don’t change their tires during the winter season do so in the hopes of saving big bucks on new winter tires, but when you think about it, you’ll need to shell out more cash if you don’t get them than if you do. Studies have shown that driving on the same tires year round wears tread more quickly, especially when you’re driving summer tires in winter conditions and vice versa. By having the right tires for the right roads and weather you’re increasing the life of your tires. You also give your all-seasons a break during those winter months, which reduces wear on the tread and allows those tires to be used again.