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Learning Hiatal Hernia Symptoms, Surgery and Treatments

Hiatal hernias happen when some of the stomach pushes into the chest area through a hiatus (opening) in the diaphragm. This type of hernia is reasonably common and, in some people, go by unnoticed. This is why it is important to be aware of hiatal hernia symptoms, surgery, treatment and more.

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An Overview Of Hiatal Hernia: When To Seek Help

Whenever a part of the internal body moves into a place where it shouldn’t be or doesn’t belong, the medical community refers to this condition as hernia. The hiatus is an opening that is located towards the bottom of the diaphragm, which is the muscular wall responsible for separating the abdomen from the chest cavity. Normally, the pipe that moves your food into your stomach goes through the hiatus into the stomach. However, in the case of a hiatal hernia, the stomach pushes into the chest through the available opening.

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Common Symptoms And Signs Of A Hiatal Hernia

The symptoms of a hiatal hernia are difficult to pinpoint, as many people with this condition do not suffer any symptoms at all. However, others may suffer from heartburn related to GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. Though there seems to be a link between these conditions, it is worth noting that one problem does not necessarily cause the other. Indeed, many people suffer from GERD without having the hernia, and others will have the hernia without having GERD.

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All About Hiatal Hernia Pain And Common Symptoms

A hiatal hernia happens when the stomach pushes through the hiatus (opening) in the diaphragm, entering the mediastinum, which is the cavity that holds the heart. When you inhale, the hernia becomes more prominent, because the diaphragm contracts. It is also more prominent when swallowing, when the esophagus shortens. That said, these symptoms are minimal so, while they would be noticeable during a medical examination, most people are never aware of the hernia being there at all.

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Recognizing The Common Hiatal Hernia Symptoms

A hiatal hernia can be a very serious injury, which leads to significant pain, and discomfort for the person who suffers from it. Though in many cases, the common hiatal hernia symptoms can be difficult to spot, there are certain signs that could indicate that you need to seek professional help from a doctor as quickly as possible.

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The Causes And Risk Factors Of A Hernia

Muscle strain and muscle weakness are the causes of hernias. Hernias can develop very slowly, taking several months, or they can appear suddenly. The causes of muscle strain and muscle weakness, however, can vary.

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Understanding The Causes And Types Of A Hernia

A hernia is a painful condition that usually requires medical attention. Before understanding the causes of a hernia, however, it is important to learn what a hernia actually is. There are, in fact, several different types, and they are all caused by different things.

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