There are many reasons why you may want to find out about a used boat value. Perhaps you have a boat to sell and you want to make sure that the price is fair, for instance. Or maybe you want to purchase a boat and you want to be certain that you will be paying too much. Another reason to know about the value of a used boat is for insurance purposes. You have to be appropriately covered, after all, in case something goes wrong. Actually, the reason why you want to know the value doesn’t matter, because there are lots of resources out there for you to help you find out.

How to Find Used Boat Value:

There are lots of websites around that can help you find used boat value. However, you need to look into the factors they use to determine that particular value. Some, for instance, use straight-line depreciation. While this has its benefits, it can mean that the price is actually well off what it should be. Then, there are tools such as BucValu and ABOS, where sales data is used to create a valuation model. This is likely to give you a better idea of the value of your boat, although it might only give you an average national picture, which could be off the mark for your particular geographical location.

Sources Other Than Online:

You will usually find that the more accurate a website’s information is, the more likely it will be that you have to pay for their valuation as well. This is why you might also want to look elsewhere, such as with your local boat club or marine dealership. It is possible that they have a subscription to a valuation service and that they will allow you to check a price without having to sign up to the full service.

Determining the Value Yourself:

You can also work the value out yourself. Simply search online for other vessels that are of the same make, model, and age. If you opt for this method, make sure that you stick to a 200 mile radius from your own location. Anything outside of that will no longer be reflective of your location. And do also check the type of waterway on which the boat has been used, as this does have an impact on the price.

Enhancing the Value of Your Boat:

Should you be looking for the used boat value because you want to sell your own boat, remember that the cleanliness of your vessel matters. Technically, it will not have an impact on the boat’s value itself, since it is cosmetic only and can look good again with a quick clean. However, a boat that doesn’t look clean, doesn’t look to be of high value either. You will likely find out that fewer people will come to view your vessel and, if they do, they won’t want to pay the full asking price for it. A few hours of elbow grease, during which time you make the boat shiny and sparkly again, will instantly make people see that it is actually worth its value.