If Colorado makes you think of snowy peaks covered in powder, where skiers and snowboarders play, then think again. Yes, it is a winter paradise for people who love those cold weather sports, but Colorado is also a wonderful place in the summer. Here are 10 great reasons to visit Colorado in summer months.

1.) Hiking In The Mountains.

Colorado has hiking trails for all activity levels, from casual day hikes to epic adventures. The mountain scenery is outstanding, with peaks higher than 14,000 feet (known as the "fourteeners"), deep winding canyons, high meadows full of wildflowers, and cascading waterfalls. When you visit Colorado, summer is the perfect time for hiking.

2.) Mountain Biking.

If you visit Colorado in summer, you'll find that it is a mountain biking mecca. Hard core enthusiasts can tackle the 500-mile long Colorado Trail, and there are many trails suitable for novice and intermediate riders as well. The vistas along the way are spectacular, with meadows, forests and snow capped peaks.

3.) Take A Train Ride.

For a less strenuous way to enjoy the Colorado scenery, you can take a ride on the historic Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. The train cars are restored antiques, pulled by an authentic coal-powered steam locomotive. The railroad winds through a stunning canyon along the Animus River. 

4.) Explore The Ruins At Mesa Verde.

The cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde are truly amazing. The landscape is dramatic, with high cliffs and large caves, and that is where the ancient Anasazi people chose to build their homes, about a thousand years ago. Take the ranger-led tour for the best views.

5.) Go Fly Fishing.

When you visit Colorado, summer is the time for fly fishing in the clear mountain streams and scenic lakes. The state has rainbow trout, as well as cutthroat, brook and brown trout. Guides can show you the best local fishing spots.

6.) Go White Water Rafting.

When you visit Colorado in summer, you'll find a wide variety of white water rafting options. You can get trips that vary from calm float trips with a few ripples here and there (ideal for families), to wild, thrilling, white water adventures.

7.) Go Wine Tasting In Delta County.

Did you know that Colorado has wine makers? On the western slope of the mountains, there is enough rain that it is an excellent growing area for grapes. Delta County has wineries dotting the roads, and fabulous fresh fruit stands, too.

8.) Visit Our National Parks.

In addition to Mesa Verde, Colorado has other national parks that showcase some of the state's unique beauty. Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses some splendid mountain scenery, and Great Sand Dune National Park is a fun place to leave footprints in the sand.

9.) Take A Jeep Tour.

Ouray, a small town in western Colorado, has been called the "Switzerland of America," because of its setting in a deep valley between mountain peaks. There are hundreds of miles of jeep trails in this area. You can drive your own, or have a professional drive while you admire the scenery.

10.) Celebrate At Festivals.

Among the reasons to visit Colorado in summer, there are festivals galore, with beer festivals, whitewater festivals, cowboy festivals, music festivals, and more. Summer is the time to celebrate in Colorado.